Inline Switch Driver (TTL/CMOS compatible)

Switch Driver

Feature Summary

  • Driven by standard TTL or CMOS outputs
  • Simplifies testing and prototyping
  • Inline electronics included in cable
  • Latching and non-latching versions
  • Compatible with 5V and 3V switches
  • Full schematics available

Quick and Easy Testing and Prototyping

This switch driver allows a switch to be easily controlled using a common TTL or CMOS output for testing or prototyping. The electronics for the control are built inline as part of the 1 meter ribbon cable. One end of the cable is equipped with an IDC connector, ready to be connected to our optical switches.  At the other end, a bare ribbon leaves the connectorization up to the user.

Full schematics are available in the sidebar for both the latching and non-latching versions of the driver board.  These schematics also serve as example circuits for controlling Luminos optical switches with TTL outputs.

Note: this driver is not compatible with a "center off" switch.


Limiting Values
Input Max Voltage Notes
1 - Brown 0 Ground
2 - Red 30V VDS T1
3 - Orange ±8V VGS T1
4 -Yellow ±8V VGS T1 (SD-L Only)
Operating Values
Input Voltage Notes
1 - Brown 0V Ground
2 - Red 3 or 5V Same as Switch Design Voltage
Non-Latching Version (SD-N)
3 - Orange < 0.5V Switch is in State 1 - T1 is "OFF"
> 1.5V Switch is in State 2 - T1 is "ON"
Latching Version (SD-L)
3 - Orange < 0.5V T1 is "OFF"
> 1.5V Switch to State 1 - T1 is "ON" (T2 should be off)
4-Yellow < 0.5V T2 is "OFF"
> 1.5V Switch to State 2 - T2 is "ON" (T1 should be off)
Other Info
RDSon 47mW T1, T2
Switching Time <10µs  

T1 and T2 are shown in the schematics in the sidebar.

Base Price (USD): $97.18
SD - X1
Option Description Price (USD)
X1: Latching
N No $0.00
L Yes $0.00

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