Custom Dual 1x2 Fiber Optic Switch


The custom dual 1x2 optical switch is two single 1x2 switches in one switch with an extra path in state 1.

Optical Connectivity

The following diagrams show the optical connections for the 2 states. The numbers identify the fiber endpoints. If looking at it as 2 single 1x2s, fibers 1, 6 and 5 make up one single 1x2 while fibers 4, 2, and 3 make up the other.

State 1

D12 State 1

State 2

D12 State 2

Extra Path

This optical switch is labeled custom because of the extra path between 5 and 2 in state 1. In many applications, this extra path has no effect and in some cases can even be used for monitoring. Since this switch has a lower cost than the normal dual 1x2 (D12N), it may be worth considering if your application can handle the extra path.

Custom Dual 1x2 Application

Bypass Application

An example of how a device can monitor itself on the secondary path of a D12C in state 1.

Base Price (USD): $505.11
D12C - X1 - X2 - X3 - X4 - X5 - X6 - X7
Option Description Price (USD)
X1: Fiber Type
Singlemode 9/125
Corning SMF-28 9/125 or equivalent
M1 Multimode 62.5/125 $0.00
M2 Multimode 50/125 $0.00
M3 Multimode 100/140, Graded Index, NA=0.29 $40.41
M4 Multimode 50/125 Step Index, NA=0.22 $25.26
M5 Multimode 105/125 Step Index, NA=0.22 $40.41
Singlemode HI1060
Corning HI1060 6.2/125@1060 (Nonstock fiber, may be subject to minimum quantity)
X2: Latching
Non-latching switches require continuous drive current and function like a conventional relay, which may not retain state during a power loss.
Latching switches require no steady state input power. The switch is set to state 1 or state 2 by a single pulse of 20 milliseconds or longer. Continuous current is preferable to maintain the switched state under high vibrational stress. The latching design retains its switched state during a power loss.
X3: Connectors
Also known as pigtailing
FC FC/PC $177.36
SC SC/PC $177.36
ST ST/PC $177.36
LC LC/PC $177.36
Ultra polish
Ultra polish
DLC Duplex LC/PC $177.36
FCA FC/APC $243.88
X4: Cables
900µm Tight Buffer
900µm tight buffered tube
X5: Cable Length
1 1.0 Meter $0.00
2 0.5 Meter $0.00
3 2.0 Meters $60.61
X6: Voltage
5V, 100 ohm
Requires a minimum of 4.2V. Low voltages will result in reduced switch speed.
3V, 35 ohm
Requires a minimum of 2.5V. Low voltages will result in reduced switch speed.
5V, 50 ohm
Requires a minimum of 4.2V. Low voltages will result in reduced switch speed.
5V, 33 ohm
Requires a minimum of 4.2V. Low voltages will result in reduced switch speed.
X7: Loss
Typical 0.25 dB loss for singlemode, 0.05-0.10 dB loss for multimode. Utilizes a discrete amount of matching fluid at the gap.
Typical 0.7 dB loss for singlemode, 0.5 dB loss for multimode. Features an air gap.

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