FRM2: Fiber Rotator


Feature Summary

  • Adjustable Center of Rotation
  • Zero-Backlash Bearing
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • Holders for Bare and Mounted Fibers
  • Compatible with Luminos Positioning Stages

With positioning this easy... the possibilities are endless.


The Fiber Rotator combines a precision zero-backlash bearing assembly with a 2-axis tuning module to allow positioning the optical axis of a waveguide to within 1 micron of the rotational axis.

Adjustable Center of Rotation

The 2-dimensional tuning module enables accurate positioning of the center of the waveguide at the center of rotation, minimizing signal change during rotation. This adjustability allows a wide range of sample sizes to be accurately centered with a single holder. Utilizing a 2-axis flexure design, the tuning module provides high stability and precision alignment within 1 micron.

Zero-Backlash Bearing

A stable rotational axis is provided with the use of a custom designed zero-backlash multi-axis preloaded journal bearing. Bearing tolerances are held at zero with the use of flexure-based preload elements.

Angular Scale


For determining angular movements, the Rotator is equipped with a graduated dial marked at 10 degree intervals.

Compatible with Luminos Stages

Based on a nominal 2mm projection of the waveguide from the holder, the end of the waveguide is coincident with the rotation center of a Luminos I5000/I6000 stage. The rotator mounting holes are compatible with any of the I3000, I5000, I6000 series stages.

Base Price (USD): $1212.49
FRM2 - X1 - X2 - X3
Option Description Price (USD)
X1: Holder
Holder not included
V-Block 125µm (100-140µm with Tuning Module)
Bare Fiber: 125µm cladding (100-140µm with Tuning Module), 250-900µm buffer.
V-Block 1.0mm (0.8-1.2mm with Tuning Module)
Ferrule Type: 1.0mm OD (0.7-1.8mm with Tuning Module), 4mm minimum length, 250-900µm buffer
V-Block 3.18mm (3.0-3.4mm with Tuning Module)
Ferrule Type: 3.18mm OD (3.0-3.4mm with Tuning Module), SMA flange type, 7mm minimum length, 250-900µm buffer
V-Block 2.0mm (1.8-2.2mm with Tuning Module)
Ferrule Type: 2.0mm OD (1.5-3.0mm with Tuning Module), 4mm minimum length, 250-900µm buffer
V-Block 2.5mm (2.3-2.7mm with Tuning Module)
Ferrule Type: 2.5mm OD (2.0-3.5mm with Tuning Module), 4mm minimum length, 250-900µm buffer
X2: Tuning Module
Holder is factory aligned for a specific fiber or device
Allows center of rotation to be adjusted to account for different fibers or devices
X3: Drive
Manual Use

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