P1: 1-Axis Flexure Micropositioning Stage

I1000 Manual

Feature Summary

  • All damped, frictionless flexure design
  • Dual flexure means no arc error (no off axis movement)
  • Internal viscous damping
  • Manual or automated
  • Zero backlash
  • 10nm resolution when fitted with a differential micrometer
  • Stepper Motor Actuator delivering 0.1µm/step

With positioning this easy... the possibilities are endless.


A single axis micro-positioner stage with a 1/2" of travel and dual flexure design that yields smooth, linear motion with astounding precision and ease.

A Stable Platform

Able to handle loads of up to 1 kg, the I1000 single axis stage provides a stable platform for many straight-forward positioning tasks. A large travel of 12.7 millimeters (1/2 inch), makes the I1000 suitable where coarse alignment is required. The dual flexure design ensures extreme linearity and eliminates the need to compensate the arcing motion associated with single flexure designs. Furthermore, the flexure design is essentially frictionless and does not exhibit any hysteresis or stiction of typical roller-bearing stages. Internal damping makes the I1000 insensitive to vibration allowing it to be used on a typical bench (without an optical table).


I1000 Automated

When combined with the standard stepper motor option, a respectable 100 nanometer resolution is achieved at an extremely competitive price.

A kit (Part#:ACTKIT) is required for each automated positioner. It includes a software CD, a power adapter, a USB serial port adapter (in case your PC has no serial ports available) and the necessary cables. The CD includes ActiveX/COM software which provides a simple interface from LabVIEW 6i/8+/2010, Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6.0, or any .NET language.

The Challenge


So why not take the Luminos Challenge? If you buy a manual I1000, we will give you 30 days to prove to yourself that this is an incredibly accurate and easy-to-use 1 Axis stage. If you are not convinced, you can return it for a full refund. Join our list of satisfied customers who are truly amazed by the Luminos I1000.


With accessories ranging from fiber array holders to contact sensors, Luminos can get you out-fitted and up-and-running quickly on your applications.

Base Price (USD): $1219.27
P1 - X1 - X2 - X3
Option Description Price (USD)
X1: Z-Axis Actuator
M Imperial Micrometer $0.00
MM Metric Micrometer $0.00
L Large Radius Imperial Micrometer $46.80
LM Large Radius Metric Micrometer $46.80
D Differential Micrometer $586.29
B Stepper, Long Life, 0.2µm microstep, RS-232 Onboard Controller $1,204.60
A Stepper, Fine Travel, 0.1µm microstep, RS-232 Onboard Controller $1,418.92
X2: Mounting Axis
The positioner is set up to be balanced in the horizontal and upright position. (This is the default configuration)
The postioner is set up to be balanced with the micrometers pointing up. This configuration requires more preload on the Z-axis.
X3: Units
Metric Mounting Plate
Imperial Mounting Plate

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Price (USD):
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Axis Actuator1 Coarse Total
Z - focus 12.7mm (0.5") N/A 12.7mm (0.500")
Setability (Micrometer)
Axis Resolution Movement/Division
Z 0.25 micron (10µ-inch)2 0.001"
Resolution (Stepper Motor)
Axis Resolution Total Steps
Z 100nm (4µ-inch) 128 000
Stage Configuration & Arc Error Motion
Axis  Flexure Type Drive Type Arc Error
Z  Dual Direct Drive None - True Linear Motion
Linear Stiffness
Along Axis Stiffness Comments
Z 8500 kN/m measured at the center of the mounting plate
Y 12000 kN/m
X 4500 kN/m
Maximum Load
Static Load Transient Load Comments
2.2 lbs (1kg) 10 lbs (4.5kg) stage must be protected from shock loading during transport and usage
Physical Properties
Specifications Comments
Construction Aluminum 6061 & 7075 - T6 anodized
Weight 600g Approximate
Body Dimensions 4.50" x 1.75" x 2.10" LxWxH excluding micrometers
Mounting Height 2.10"  Base to top of mounting plate
Mounting Config. 0.26" dia. holes 1.00" x 4.00" centers3
  1. 'Actuator' refers to a micrometer or stepper motor.
  2. Operator dependent
  3. Compatible with 1.00" grid optical tables, units mount on 2" intervals with 0.25" allowance for routing of cables etc.

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