Vacuum Part Holder

Vacuum Part Holder

Feature Summary

  • Compatible with standard 5" Hg vacuum pump
  • Built-in alignment edges
  • Lapped and anodized mounting surface
  • Counter-bored mounting slots


Vacuum part holders deliver a quick and reliable method to hold fragile planar devices such as small chips, complex waveguides, optical crystals etc. The gentle vacuum suction ensures that unnecessary stress or torque is not applied to the device. The versatile design allows for parts of differing sizes. Integrated counter-bored mounting slots as well as a configurable alignment edge offer extra adjustment.

Part # Description Price (USD)
VPH001 Vacuum Part Holder (4-12)x(10-15)x(0.2-2)mm substrate $967 Add To Cart
VPH002 Vacuum Part Holder (15-25)x(20-30)x(0.5-2)mm substrate $967 Add To Cart
VPH003 Vacuum Part Holder, 1.5x(3-5)x0.5mm substrate $967 Add To Cart
VPH004 Vacuum Part Holder 10x10x0.5mm substrate $967 Add To Cart
VPH005 Vacuum Part Holder (40mm width - optical path length) $1088 Add To Cart
VPH006 Vacuum Part Holder, 25.4x76.2x1.19mm microscope slide $967 Add To Cart
VPH007 Vacuum Part Holder (3-10)x(3-10)x1mm substrate $967 Add To Cart
VPH008 Vacuum Part Holder (4-12)x(10-15)x(0.2-2)mm substrate (increased projection and clearance over VPH001) $967 Add To Cart
VPH009 Vacuum Part Holder 5x50x1.5mm substrate $967 Add To Cart
VPH010 Vacuum Part Holder 50x50x1.5mm substrate $967 Add To Cart

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