Fiber Holder

Fiber Holder

Feature Summary

  • Dual Action Clamp
  • Fine lapped Precision V-Groove
  • Sculpted tip for fiber visibility
  • Sliding attachment for settable projection
  • Soft contact element for sensitive tapered fiber use


The FH003 Extended V-Groove bare fiber holder claims all of the advantages of the FH002 precision V-groove holder with a few new features. Designed for use on the 5 and 6 axis systems or the RYP 3000 rotation module, the Extended V-Groove fiber holder is longer to reach out to the coincident rotation point. Special slide attachment features allow this fiber holder to be user adjusted for the desired projection. The hardened stainless steel precision V-Groove has been sculpted at the end for easy fiber visibility as alignment occurs. Dual action clamps and springs make for excellent fiber holding without breakage. Clamping force is set so the fiber is held firmly, yet can be pushed through the clamp by the operator. Spring tension can be custom factory set for any desired clamping force.

Pricing & Ordering

Part # Description Price (USD)
FH001 Bare Fiber Holder (ferrule) - Standard Right $370 Add To Cart
FH002 Bare Fiber Holder (v groove) - Standard Right $791 Add To Cart
Base Price (USD): $922.08
FH003 - X1 - X2
Option Description Price (USD)
X1: Version
Standard (Right)
When output is pointing toward you, lever is on the right
Mirrored (Left)
When output is pointing toward you, lever is on the left
X2: Fiber Type
125µm fiber/ 250µm acrylate
125µm fiber/ 900µm buffer

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10-99 6.00%
100-499 10.00%
500+ 12.00%

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