Adapter Plates

Adapter Plate

Feature Summary

  • Tungsten carbide wear supports
  • Self-aligning
  • Quick release mounting screws
  • Configurable mounting positions


Enhanced Compatibility

The AMA001 (which requires AMA002) and AMA003 adapter plates allow you to taking advantage of Luminos Industries superior positioners. The plates are designed as a detachable component which allows existing optical equipment to be easily, secured and precisely attached to Luminos Industries products.

Easy to Use

The adapters (in black) have self-aligning features that secure stable alignment by locking the plate in position. The plates have tungsten carbide wear supports, which insure long life and repeatable performance. In addition, the adaptor plates have quick release mounting screws for fast interchanging of components. When shifting between similar devices only a minimal realignment is needed to confirm its correct position.

Pricing & Ordering

Part # Description Price (USD)
AMA001 Melles Griot Kinematic Mount. MG#:17AMA001 (requires AMA002) $233
AMA002 Melles Griot Kinematic Mount Adapter (use with AMA001) $195 Add To Cart
AMA003 Adaptor Plate, Fixed Mount, Melles Griot Transverse Mounting Plate 17AMA011 equivalent $208 Add To Cart
AMA004 Adaptor Plate, Fixed Mount, Melles Griot Inline Mounting Plate 17AMA001 equivalent $233

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